We build security software for revenue

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We do this differently

Deliver a tool that will not only save you money but also increase your revenue.


Global Users

Conversion Guard is being accessed globally from Auditing, Business and technical teams.


Avg. Conversion Rate Increase

Based on 3000 different companies we have maintained an average increase of 400% in these different businesses conversion rates.


Team Members

Conversion guard has approximately 60 family members that work around the clock to meet our clients expectations.

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We’re driven by our values

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The core to having awareness of others enabling true compassion for your success.

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Growth Mindset

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Our team consist of all types of background and experiences that enable everyone to have a special place for collaboration.

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Have Fun Building

We embrace the fact that everyone is different and with that there are different approaches to every business.

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Trust and Respect

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Growth Mindset

We are not shy to growth and we embrace the ability to accelerate in hyper growth.

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Trust and Respect

We practice what we preach and guarantee that you will experience a positive growth with Conversion Guard.

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You guessed it. We’re changing the game. Here is our milestones

Conversion Guard actually started off by managing chargeback as a service until we discovered how much third-party plugins were disrupting the industry.

  • May 2022

Received an evaluation of $5.3 Million

  • Febuary 2022

Started seed funding for private investment

  • November 2021

Avg. $10 Million in monthly revenue saved

  • January 2021

Established our first salesforce

  • September 2020

Switched over to a usage base model

  • May 2020

Hit over 90 in new customers

  • February  2020

Got our first customer

  • August 2019

Hit over $1 Million saved in Pilot Program

  • April 2019

Lunch our first beta version

  • January 2019

We started our journey

Discover a better way to increase E-commerce revenue