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Need funding for your marketing & advertising campaigns? Get funding in as little as 24 hours with our lending network.

Interest rates starting as low as 4% APR and payment plans as long as 15 years.

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Approved Businesses

We have found funding for over 26k businesses that have yearly revenue from $0 per year to $5 million per year.

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Benefits When You Apply With Us

All of our clients that receive lending through us will receive access to the following benefits:

- Free Google & Bing Advertising Setup
- Free Meta Advertising Setup
- $100 Credit Towards Advertising Management
- Lifetime Discount on All Products

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Marketing & Advertising Tools

Target Demographic

Focusing on your target demographic is key to a successful advertising campaign. We supply all clients with data that will help influence and boost their online marketing campaigns.

Landing Page Optimization

We pride our selves with an award winning design team. Giving you the best landing pages with the best possible outcome. Each landing page is and will always be unique to your business with our user-centric approach.

Media & Content Creation

Delivering content & media can be difficult when trying to convey the message. Conversion Guard tackles these difficulties by emerging ourselves into your business to get a full understanding of your business niche.

Multi-Channel Management

We are partnered with the top advertising channels like Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Meta and other marketing channels. Advertising with us gives you exclusive discounts that only advertising partners can issue to clients.

SEO & Keyword Research

We perform extensive keyword & SEO research to figure out which keywords are good & bad for your campaign. With this approach we can boost your conversion and increase engagement immediately.

Email Marketing Manager

Email management campaigns that are tailored to your business. Figure out why our email campaigns have a win rate of upwards of 17.5% vs a non-managed campaign has 2.1%.

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