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5 Effective Ways to Decrease Your Shopify Cart Abandonment Rate

The most common reason why customers abandon their carts is that they have a wide range of options. From different types of products to promotional offers, online shoppers have many choices. 

As more brands enter the eCommerce industry, they are coming up with different ideas to capture their audience's attention at the last moment. While you can't stop other brands from trying new tactics for advertising, you can implement strategies of your own to decrease cart abandonment rates. 

5 Ways to Reduce Your Shopify Cart Abandonment Rates

By implementing a few strategies, you can decrease your cart abandonment rate by a significant margin. You can try these tips below and see the difference yourself. 

1. Don't Let Any Competitors' Ads on Your Site 

Let's say your customer is moving through checkout. As soon as they're about to place the order, they see an ad from your competitor that gets their attention. If they like what they see in the ad, they will abandon their cart and move to the other site. 

Most consumers use various browser extensions that compare prices on different websites. The extensions can inject competitor ads on your website and drive traffic away, even if you're careful. 

While there is no way to control the extensions that your consumers install, you can make sure that unauthorized ads don't make it to your websites. Using the right platform can help you stop any competitors' ads from showing up on your website, reducing Shopify cart abandonment. 

2. Streamline the Payment Process 

Most people tend to abandon the cart because of the complex and complicated checkout process. If they have to fill out too many fields before they can finally make their purchase, they're more likely to abandon their cart. Therefore, you should work on streamlining your checkout process. 

Avoid asking for too much information when customers are checking out. Your website should only take relevant and essential details that it needs to complete the transaction. Giving your users a hassle-free checkout process will enhance their overall shopping experience and bring down the rate of Shopify cart abandonment. 

3. Make Promotional Offers and Coupons Attainable

Most customers look for deals and discounts before they finalize their purchase. Better yet, they might think about exploring more options before they place their order. As a result, they will abandon the cart and start exploring other offers on other Shopify stores. 

So, what should you do to deal with this issue? The ideal solution is to place all the promotional offers and coupons on the checkout page. Customers will also have a clear idea about the difference in the price that they will get. It would help the customer to make the purchase and reduce your cart abandonment rate. 

4. Take Advantage of Social Media 

Social media platforms make for the most effective marketing outlets for businesses. Brands and companies focus heavily on social media marketing to bring in customers and motivate them to make a purchase. So, you can leverage social media platforms to reduce your Shopify cart abandonment rate. 

For instance, if a customer adds sneakers to their cart but doesn't purchase them, you can show ads for those sneakers on their social media. Keep telling them about what they are missing out on and other similar items they can get from your store. 

However, you need to avoid positioning too many ads in front of the customers, as that could end up turning them away. You should keep a balanced approach where you remind your customers about the product without overwhelming them. 

5. Send Push Notifications 

Finally, you might try every trick in the book, yet some customers still abandon their carts. They might want to explore other brands or look for better deals on other Shopify stores before they make their purchase.

If the users continue to explore more options, there are less likely to convert and become a buyer. So, you need to implement a push notification strategy for your Shopify store that reminds them about the product waiting in their shopping carts. 

You can set up a trigger that will send the push notification after a couple of hours of them abandoning their cart. Moreover, you can also create a sense of urgency by telling them that the items that they selected are limited in stock and that they need to get them as soon as possible.   

Reducing Shopify Cart Abandonment

While there is no definitive way to stop buyers from exploring different options, you can always nudge them into buying your products. So use the tips in this article to bring down your Shopify cart abandonment rate. 

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