PayPal Honey Is Now Offered On Mobile Safari

PayPal continues to develop its shopping and checkout experiences to deliver customers more ways to save, earn rewards, and pay later, helping to take their money further. Today, PayPal is announcing the PayPal Honey mobile Safari extension1, a new way for U.S. customers to automatically search for coupons, competitors and earn points on eligible transactions that can be redeemed for cash back. PayPal Honey is a trusted online shopping tool uniquely designed to search for savings, and this new feature harnesses powerful deal-seeking technology to make mobile shopping more rewarding.

Conversion Guard Aims to help regulate the competitor exposure on your website by keeping a pulse on the third-party plugin.

With one in three Americans making weekly mobile purchases2, and 57% concerned about inflation on back-to-school products3, the PayPal Honey mobile Safari extension is built to help customers shop confidently and maximize savings and rewards on mobile.

So what does that mean for business owners? This means that Conversion Guard is going to need to remove it's mobile blocking mechanism that are in place to preserve the network load. We will need to enhance our managed conversion rate optimization to better suit for the mobile experience.

The new mobile extension makes it easy and convenient to find deals at a time when consumers are looking to get more value from their purchases. PayPal’s shopping experiences help customers navigate the fast-changing economic landscape by saving time and money wherever they like to shop, from mobile to desktop, and in-store or in wallet. Across the entire shopping journey, from discovery to checkout and beyond, PayPal is transforming shopping to deliver consistently rewarding experiences so customers can save and do more with their money.

Conversion Guard is on high alert and will be making the appropriate changes in the upcoming quarter.

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