Critical eCommerce Metrics That You Need to Measure Your Growth

Most eCommerce businesses feel that having a huge following on social media is more than enough. That is not the case since you might have more than 100,000 followers, but they won't visit your website frequently. 

Therefore, it is more than vital to use the critical eCommerce metrics to measure growth. These metrics will also tell you about your customers' preferences and will help you make data-driven decisions. 

Critical Metrics for Your eCommerce Business 

Time Lag

Most customers wouldn't buy the first thing that they see online. They would do some research to find out more about the deals and promotions available. Therefore, it is vital to know the time lag to get a better idea about the shoppers' journey. It entails the complete journey of the customer from their first interaction till they place an order. 

Revenue Per Session (RPS)

RPS refers to calculating the amount you earn whenever a customer comes to your store. This metric will allow you to determine the value of each shopper and helps you optimize your marketing campaigns accordingly. 

Product Page Abandonment Rate

Most shoppers today will visit your website, add products to the wish list, and would simply abandon it at the last minute. These customers click on the promotional campaigns you run and land on your page but wouldn't be interested in what you offer. A high product page abandonment rate means that you need to change your approach. 

Pages per Session (PPS)

There are a few customers who would visit a certain product page and then go away. However, some would go through other pages to look for other products you offer. Therefore, it is vital to know about the PPS, which refers to the average number of pages any customer goes through.

Number of Sessions per User

Most people are not likely to become a customer on the very first visit. They will look for more options and any potential deals to make the right choice. The number of sessions per user will tell you about the average visits an individual makes before they convert into a customer. 

Exit Rate (ER)

Exit Rate (ER) tells you about the percentage of visitors who left your site from a particular page. If you have a high ER, it means that visitors are leaving a particular page. There can be multiple reasons behind it, such as the page was not found or it wasn't working.  

Conversion Rate (CR)

The conversion rate is one of the most important metrics for an eCommerce store. It tells you about the percentage of visitors that completed the goal out of the total number of people. It could either be making a purchase or simply subscribing to a newsletter. 

Cart Abandonment Rate

ECommerce stores and businesses have been using this metric for a long time. Cart abandonment rate tells you about the shoppers who add a particular item to the cart but don't place the order. They are either distracted by any other offers or decide to explore more options. 

Bounce Rate (BR)

The bounce rate is an effective metric that tells you how well the site has done to retain the visitors' attention. If you have a lower bounce rate, it indicates that the shoppers are engaging with your website. 

Average Session Duration

The average session duration tells you about the time a visitor stays on your website. A visitor might go through various pages on your site in a session. However, if they don't take any information about the products or services you are offering, then they are less likely to become a customer. 

Average Order Value (AOV)

Average order value (AOV) is one of the essential metrics for your online store. It tracks the amount each customer spends when shopping through your website. The total sales are then divided by the total number of customers to calculate the AOV. 

Conversion by Traffic Source

You might get customers through Google Ads, social media marketing, or any other sources. But the most important thing is to measure the conversion by traffic source to help you understand which of the channel is the most suitable for your store. 

Choosing the Right Metrics for Your eCommerce Store 

As the world is rapidly moving towards digitalization, the eCommerce industry will continue to boom. Therefore, it is more than necessary for your store to use these metrics to increase its sales and revenue. And if you don't know how to use these metrics, then you can take assistance from Conversion Guard for your store.  

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