Paying Double for Ecommerce Affiliate Marketing

It doesn't matter how reputable the brand is; customer acquisition is always a great challenge for every online store. The cost to get a customer is rising day by day. Online retailers are always eyeing ways and methods that appeal to their target market online - most importantly, their price-sensitive customers. This is where affiliate marketing comes into play.

When we talk about paid search, it drives 20% of orders, whereas organic search gets you 21%. It would be a good move to say yes to affiliates. There are always new coupons on their sites from different stores, making the search engine index more frequent. 

But it is not easy, as they host your coupon and send you customers.

Are You Paying Double to Your Affiliates?

Today, affiliate fraud has become quite common, and price-sensitive customers are the most-affected ones.

1. Advertising on Your Site 

When it comes to coupon affiliates, they have the permit to promote your coupons on emails, websites, social media, and other online channels. But some nasty players don't care about the regulations and inject ads on your website. The worst part about that is you won't be aware of it. 

They create these ads through browser apps and extensions. They blend these ads perfectly with your store, displaying them on your store like you are running them. This way, the shopper clicks on their promotional ads and redirects to their site.

It results in:

  • Increasing Number of Steps a Shopper Needs to Perform for a Purchase

When the shopper searches for a product on your website, adds it to the cart or clicks on the promotions, he gets redirected to another site. He needs to return to your store again to make a purchase.

Sometimes, the shopper drops the idea of purchasing from such stores because of many steps.

  • It Ruins the Shopping Experience for Your Customers

Nowadays, consumers want quick purchases and don't like to spend hours looking for products. Similarly, a slow loading time impacts the conversion rate of your store. Redirection to another site is also a big problem affecting customers' shopping experience.

2. They are Still Hosting Outdated Coupons

A typical customer journey is visiting your store, searching for products, and adding them to the cart.

Before they complete the purchase process, they also visit search engines to look for other deals that might be good for them.

This practice redirects them to your affiliates. When they redirect to the affiliate site, they copy-paste coupons that attract them and then check out. 

Sometimes, they avail of the discount at once, but they mostly get an invalid message display. 

So, Should You Say No to Affiliate Marketing?

Surely, there are many cons, but it doesn't mean that you should stop doing affiliate marketing. 

Affiliates hold a great place in the marketing strategy of many brands. Affiliates account for a good number of sales for a store because customers always look for deals that benefit them.

The love for discounts, coupons, and freebies is the thing that amazes customers and will always do. This is why 15% of your online shoppers visit your stores from affiliate sites.

It is not in your hands to stop your shoppers from hunting for deals, coupons, and discounts. But there is a solution, do these two things:

  • Restrict your affiliates to lure away your traffic and then charge you to get your traffic back to your store.
  • Track and engage price-sensitive shoppers with on-site targeted promotions. It eases the frustration of shoppers.

Or, you can do both. 

Increase Sales With On-Site Conversions and Affiliates

Are you aware that a coupon on your store could get 75% of your visitor to increase the average order value by up to $40?

It is a fact that price-sensitive shoppers always love to bag good deals. In a local survey, 81% of American citizens say that a good deal or offer is the only thing they always look for in their shopping journey.

Numbers never lie, and affiliates make a core strategy for eCommerce growth.

Today, because of the increasing number of good brands from where online shoppers shop, it has become a must to create a high-end strategy that appeals to all segments.

When we talk about experience shoppers, they always look for a seamless shopping experience on sites, as they want to find products and make purchases easily in just a few minutes. They want no distractions and redirection to another site to get coupons.


If done right and effectively, you can't deny the perks of affiliate marketing. So, even if you are paying double, ensure your affiliates give new traffic to your store, not just returning their traffic. 

So, make high-end strategies with your affiliates to give a seamless shopping experience to your online customers. Make easy purchasing and product-finding options using effective digital solutions such as  Conversion Guard to improve the shopping experience. The right affiliate marketing results are the one that generates more online traffic for your store and gives you increased sales.

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