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Potential Reasons Why Your E-Commerce Stores Conversion Rates are Low

A reputable research suggests that the e-commerce industry’s conversion rate is about 2.5%. Some of the best online stores have a conversion rate of 12% or slightly less. There are a variety of reasons behind the low conversion rates in the e-commerce landscape and here are the most prominent ones. 

Why Your Online Store’s Conversion Rate May be Low

Competitor Ads Could be the Issue

You may be surprised to learn that your store looks quite different to shoppers compared to how it appears in front of you. More often than not, the difference happens because of the adware injected on your site. This adware appears on your site in the form of ads (usually advertising the competitor), pop ups that display site comparisons, spam promotions and more. All of these issues can ruin your customer’s online journey and cause them to search other brands. 

You can steer clear from such issues by using plug-in eliminators like Atlas by Conversion Guard. Programs like these can categorize adware and eliminate them to make your store’s customer journey smooth and seamless. 

Inaccessible Discounts

Typically, online stores get a variety of shoppers and a large number of them are quite price sensitive. According to survey, affluent shoppers tend to be quite discount and price driven and more than 40 percent of shoppers purchase from retailers who offer discounts. So, if your online store’s conversion rate is low, it would be best to start offering discounts. 

If you already offer discounts, there is a good chance that your customers may be having a hard time accessing them. Consider checking your website for any issues that may be hiding your coupon codes or discounts. More often than not, addressing these issues is enough to increase and retain customers.

Lack of Interactivity

Merely having high resolution images is not enough for converting shoppers. Modern consumers expect your online store to comprehend their needs to make a well-informed purchase. This means offering more than just product images and writing concise, easy to understand product descriptions that clearly describe how and why the product will be worth the customer’s money. 

E-commerce merchants can add an element of interactivity to their site by investing in 360 degree videos that give shoppers a comprehensive look at the products. 

You May Not be Using Remarketing or Retargeting

Very few people see a product online and buy it right away. This is because they aren’t sure whether the product will be good or if they even need it. Plus, people want to explore their options before buying the first item they come across. Sure, customers may come to your site to check your offerings but they often don’t come back once they leave as they may not remember your brand or product’s name.

This is where remarketing and retargeting can be quite effective and encourage shoppers to return to your store. Setting retargeting campaigns on social media and search engines can remind people of your brand and product, increasing their chances of visiting your store again and potentially increasing your conversions. 

Your Brand’s Credibility could be Low

With so many online stores available to choose from, people can be quite skeptical when it comes to choosing one. They don’t trust the first brand they lay their eyes on online. So, if your store is relatively new, people may not be willing to buy from you because of your lack of credibility. Fortunately, there is a straightforward way to improve your credibility, and that is adding social proof to your online store. Testimonials, reviews, ratings etc can convince shoppers that your store is reliable and possibly increase your conversion rate. 

The Lack of Shopping Assistance May be Hurting Your Store

While online shopping offers people a great deal of convenience, it has some drawbacks like the lack, or in cases, absence of shopping assistance. More often than not, customers want to try a product before purchasing it, something that most e-commerce merchants cannot facilitate. Problems like these can cause your store’s conversion rates to take a massive hit. 

Leveraging live chat platforms like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or Skype can help engage shoppers, offering them timely help with the right information. Whether it is finding the right product or determining the ideal size, online support can help customers with these things, increasing their chances of buying your product. 

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