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Optimizing Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Did you know that there are third party plugins that use your site content to publish comparable advertisements to their participating users? 

In the example below we're browsing for a Vizio TV that Walmart advertised on Google using the Google Shopping experience through the Google's ads platform, and the very first thing that pops up is an ad from Amazon showing a similar offering. We immediately clicked on that Amazon Ad that was shown within Walmarts website to see if we could get our TV delivered today, review the consumer sentiments and check for same day shipping. There was enough information to sway us in the direction to use Amazon instead of Walmart due to the Amazon affect.

Let's dissect the issue a little further with the following points.

  • Amazon is presenting a product offering that appears to be more expensive than Walmart's offering.
  • The product sentiment (reviews) appear to be different between the two product offerings on both online marketplaces.
  • The Amazon Ad presents an "Add to Cart" option that has the same verbiage as the Walmart's "Add to Cart" button.
  • The PriceBlink plugin is showing a different price but providing "Walmart" only coupons with a "Free Shipping" indicator.

Amazon is notoriously a bit over priced when it comes to electronics but by ordering from Amazon the consumer now has the ability to have their product delivered to their front door within the next 2-3 hours without any extra charge. This also gives the consumer the ability to shop for products that they didn't realize they needed before due to Amazon's deep learning product recommendations. This is known as the Amazon affect that we all jokingly talk about but when it comes to online business and sales, it has negatively affected sales and no longer becomes a joking matter for businesses that Amazon targets.

Now let's talk about how the sentiment is different from the two different product offerings. The first thing  is the online consumers will find every reason to not buy as much as they also find reasons to make a purchase. These buying factors are based on whether or not they view the sentiment of the product as a positive or negative. Amazon is showing a lower sentiment than Walmart, so as a consumer you should expect that the consumer is going to view the product on Amazon to figure out why the sentiment is much lower. This will give Amazon the opportunity to sell a different product that has a higher sentiment rating, resulting in Walmart losing the sale all together because the Amazon affect will give the consumer a better option.

Last but not least let's discuss the PriceBlink option, Walmart has manufacturer coupons that are available therefore it will boost the likely hood of a conversion if the consumer is on the fence about buying the product. Allowing the PriceBlink plugin to run, gives Walmart the opportunity to close the deal with a chance the consumer uses a coupon to sway the purchasing factor.

When implementing Conversion Guard into Walmart's e-commerce platform. We disable the ability for not only Amazon's Shopping Assistant from running on their site but all other known third-party plugins that Walmart deems disruptive to the conversion flow. Giving the consumer only one offering and zero segways from Walmart's product page. Let's not forget that the consumer is accustomed to not seeing their plugins activating if their is no offering from different providers.

The results after implementing Conversion Guard

In the example above Walmart chose to keep PriceBlink on their website since it give the customers the ability to only use coupons, and Walmart found that leaving only PriceBlink actually increased their conversion rate, and removing the other plugins added an increase to their conversion rate by 200%. Since the opportunity to click on third-party ads are not offered, we decreased the total CAO and decreased total ad spend due to the increase in total gross sales.

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