Smart Tactics To Reduce Your Cart Abandonment Rate By 20%

It is not that easy to understand why online store shoppers try to search for a variety of products they're going to leave; surely, there are some ways to make them place an order.

One of the smartest tactics is to rescue abandoned carts in two ways – the first is when the shopper is still exploring your website, and the second is when the shopper has left your store.

Phase 1 - On-Site Conversion Tactics

Many eCommerce sites follow easy rules and keep the cart visible every time. It reminds them about the items added to the cart and makes them want to check again before leaving the website. There are some other things as well to reduce walkaways.

1. Remove Distractions

It is estimated that around 70% of online shoppers always look for discounts, good deals, and cashback offers. They use several website applications and browser extensions to get the best deals. These tools work the best for them. 

But this results in malware injections to your site and leads to distractions. The distractions like various popups, adult content, competitor ads, price comparison bars, and video ads one after the other. This ruins the on-site experience of shoppers, and they get away without making a purchase.

2. Leverage Popups 

You need contact details if you want to reach out to shoppers who visit your website later. The best way is to use time-triggered popups, which help you to re-engage your first-time store visitors. You can lead them to your email list just by offering them a one-time discount.

3. Chat Support

When we talk about brick-and-mortar stores, you can reach out to visitors or shoppers and assist them with informed purchases. You can also cross-sell products by checking their browsing behavior. Now it's better to try the same for your store, too – try chat support.

You can include a chat button on your website to tell the online shoppers that you are always at their back. 

4. Shipping and Delivery

Many carts get abandoned when an online shopper has difficulty finding a shipping method or when they come across additional costs during the checkout. 

Optimizing product pages and including several shipping or delivery options and associated charges is better.

5. Custom Notifications 

Sometimes, online shoppers look for products that have run out of stock. In these cases, optimized product pages help them to subscribe to notifications, which helps them to know when their desired product comes in stock. 

It not just helps you to build your email list but also helps you to record products that your specific shopper likes to have. 

6. Guest Checkouts 

Never lengthen the guest checkout process. Optimize it to include only the basic information that you need to confirm for an order. The attention span of shoppers is not more than a few seconds, so make everything easy, understandable, and quick.

7. Web Push Notifications

Now, online shoppers hesitate to share their contact information with eCommerce retailers because of data breaches. Web push notifications are an easy way to offer subscriptions which helps them to get updates on the online store without giving their email address.

8. Product Recommendations 

Your online retail store can recommend products to shoppers based on their purchase preferences and browsing patterns. Many sites use this tactic for returning visitors, but you can make use of product recommendations to suggest alternate buying options in place of out-of-stock products in your store. 

In this way, you can help the online shopper discover similar products they can purchase.

Phase 2 – Off-Site Conversions Tactics

A bad and distracted on-site experience of the shopper creates trouble in completing the purchase. But it doesn't mean you have lost the sale completely - some ways can help get the visitor back to your site.

1. Social Media Retargeting 

An internet user is always active on almost two social media platforms. These platforms are the best way to retarget online shoppers who have abandoned their carts.

2. Web Push Notifications 

You can also use web push notifications for retargeting your shoppers. This channel helps you to communicate; you don't need ads displayed to the shopper or to open the email. The message is sent and seen in real-time.

3. Retargeting Emails

An email reminder is the best way to follow up with the shopper and let them know what they have left. You can also offer exclusive discounts to ensure they will come back and will make purchases.

Reducing Cart Abandonment Rate 

Your ecommerce store can miss out on many sales due to cart abandonment. Digital solutions that prevent competitors from advertising on your sites, such as Conversion Guard, can drop cart abandonment rates by at least 20%. Pay close attention to each of the strategies and monitor the response of your shopper. Optimize your site with better re-engagement tools and go for personalized messaging.

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