Stop Losing Money On Your Google Shopping Campaign

Stop losing money from your google shopping from third-party applications

Did you know that most customers that shop online use a browser plugin that gives them instant data from advertising vendors like Honey, Amazon Assistant and PriceBlink? The customers that are clicking on your ads are utilizing these plugins when navigating to your website, which cost you money by clicking but the plugins also cost you a lost in sale because the customer might have clicked on the ad that was provided by Amazon through the Chrome plugin.

Is there a way to stop this type of customer hi-jacking?

Yes, conversion guard offers you the ability to fully safe guard your websites product when a user is browsing with any plugins enabled. But you must have the question, does this create a negative experience for the customer when it's not enabled? The answer is simply "No", since a customer is used to deals not being present with certain brands because there are no better deals available for that brand. Your website falls into that category of "there are no better deals at this time". Which results in a customer staying on your website and shopping exclusively with you.

By having conversion guard enabled on your website you end up spending less on customer acquisition and therefore increasing your total revenue and in tandem decreasing bounce rates, abandon carts, and loss in sales.

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