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Three Vital and Useful Methods to Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

Customers will sometimes abandon the cart before checking out, dropping their purchase before completing it. Cart abandonment rate is a critical KPI for online retailers. It helps them calculate the direct impact on their conversion and revenue due to customers leaving their orders before completing their purchase. 

Cart abandonment is a major reason why brands in the eCommerce industry lose billions of dollars in revenue. While various factors can lead to customers changing their minds at checkout, it is worth looking at these reasons in more detail. 

Why do Shoppers abandon their Shopping Carts?

Understanding the reasons why customers abandon their shopping carts can help you set up various strategies to keep them from leaving. Some of the more popular reasons why customers leave their carts include:

Poor Experience

If the users feel that the checkout process is complex and lengthy, they're more likely to leave their cart before finalizing their order. Each extra step they have to take or field they have to input results in a slower checkout process, which can impact their experience. And the slower the checkout, the more likely they are to abandon their carts. 

Not Using the Right Digital Coupon

Customers often look for online deals and digital coupons before they finalize their purchases. Customers can check out different affiliate sites to find digital coupons, allowing them to save even more on their purchases. However, they might use an expired code or don't put the code in correctly, which could make them a little frustrated. If they can't get the discount they want, customers are more likely to abandon their carts. 

Getting Distracted by Competition 

There is a possibility that the customers on your website will see ads of your competitors and would leave their cart. Browser ad injections can display ads on checkout or other pages on your website. 

When they see these ads, customers might go to your competitor's websites instead since they have better offers. Finding better offers through ads is a common reason why many customers abandon their shopping carts. Most retailers don't know about this problem since ad injections don't infect their servers. Instead, it only targets visitor-side website sessions. 

Doing Research before Buying the Product

Customers always want to get the best quality products for the best price. Therefore, they're more likely to do their research before they go ahead and buy a product from your website. 

They will add the product that they like to their cart but won't check out at that time. While the visitors might have an intention to visit and buy the products, there's no guarantee that they will convert. 

You can identify the poor customer experience by collecting feedback about your website on eCommerce metrics. The responses that you get will help you dig deeper into identifying existing issues in customer experience that motivate customers to abandon their shopping carts.

Three Effective Ways to Bring Down Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

It is best to collect customer feedback to understand why a lot of customers are abandoning their carts. Three ways that you can bring down the shopping cart abandonment rate include:

Streamline the Checkout Process

Most customers leave your website before placing the order due to the complex checkout process. They have a hard time filling out so many fields during checkout, so they instead choose to leave the website. 

So, the best way to deal with this issue is to optimize your checkout page and only ask for essential details. Moreover, you can also add "trust signals" to improve conversion rates. You can also ask to save the checkout information of customers to make the next time they check out even more seamless.

Use Technology to Understand Customer Behavior

Technologies and new software make it easy for a business to understand its customer's behaviors. They can leverage the new and easy-to-implement technology to understand the problems their customers face when they are at the checkout page. 

For instance, most people would enter the wrong coupon code or find out at checkout that the code had expired. Finding this out so late can frustrate your customers and ruin their shopping experience. By simply adding a trigger for the wrong coupon, your website can then offer alternative coupon codes for their orders. 

Ensure that the Customer Journey is Smooth 

Most people with web sessions today face ad injections that completely ruin the user experience. They can be a distraction for most customers who would leave your website without placing an order. There is a possibility that they might get distracted by your competitor's ads. 

Moreover, ad injections also can also negatively impact your brand's reputation, as ad injections could display some sort of malicious content as well. Therefore, you should make sure that your website is safe from: 

  • Under-the-radar advertising 
  • Price comparison
  • Competitor pop-up ads
  • Anything else that can impact their journey

Wrapping Up

After understanding the reasons that contribute to cart abandonment, you need to make relevant changes to ensure they don't happen. It will help you increase your conversion rate and ensure that customers don't leave your website before they can finalize their orders. Most importantly, you need to have the right tools like Conversion Guard.  

It can help you reduce your cart abandonment rate and ensure a smoother buying journey for your customers. Here is how Conversion Guard can help your eCommerce store deal with cart abandonment issues: 

  • Helps you streamline your checkout page
  • Ensures that there are no distractions throughout the customers' journey 
  • Gives you an idea about user intent

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