Why does your eCommerce Store Have a High Cart Abandonment Rate?

The cart abandonment rate refers to the customers who added items to their carts but did not follow through on checkout. It can be disappointing and demoralizing for storeowners, since it means losing a customer at the very last moment. 

So what are the possible reasons for your store to have a high cart abandonment rate? And how can you deal with them? We will discuss all these things in this article to give you a better idea about them. 

Reasons You Have a High Cart Abandonment Rate 

While price does play a critical role in the decision-making process, today's consumers also focus more on the overall experience. Cart abandonment is an issue that every online retailer faces. Let's go over some of the overlooked reasons why your eCommerce store has a high cart abandonment rate and what you can do about it. 

Ads Injected by Browser Extensions 

One of the main reasons you have a high cart abandonment rate is that your customers are getting distracted due to browser-injected ads. Price-sensitive customers will have various applications and extensions on their browsers to tell them about different types of offers. As a result, it will display various ads on its side, such as: 

  1. Spammy pop-ups
  2. Competitor ads
  3. Adult content

These ads will blend in with your website's theme and design, and they will appear as it is displayed on your website. Not only do these ads negatively impact the customer experience, but they also divert customers' attention. Consequently, customers would add products to their cart but would abandon them at the last moment. 

What is the Solution to this Problem? 

The ideal way to deal with this solution is to ensure that customers don't see any browser-injected ads on their side. You can take assistance from a reputable company like Conversion Guard to deal with this problem. They can help you identify the adware on the consumer website and then remove the ads before the visitors see them on your website. 

The Customers Can't Find Your Ongoing Promos

With so much competition in the market, eCommerce brands offer their customers a wide range of deals and discounts. Most of the time, they will come to your store, add the product to the cart, and then search for any promotional offers. 

There can be two scenarios when a customer searches for a promo code for a particular product: 

  1. They can find a better deal at a competitor's site 
  2. They will come across a coupon on a third-party affiliate website

In the first scenario, price-sensitive customers will automatically go with the competitor. They would find the competitor's deal much better and you would lose a customer. Most customers aren't brand conscious and would likely purchase items that are available at a lower rate. 

In the second scenario, you won't lose the customer but you would have to pay a commission and give a discount to the customer. Therefore, it would decrease your margins and revenue. The worst part is that the customer would get frustrated if the code is invalid or expired. You would ultimately lose a sale if the code isn't working.  

What Is The Solution To This Problem? 

There is no way to stop customers from looking for deals and discounts. However, you need to ensure that the promotions and offers you are giving are visible to them on the website. This way, they will know that they are already getting the best offer and wouldn't look for other options.

Complex Checkout Process 

The complicated checkout process is the most common reason why you are experiencing a high cart abandonment rate. It would completely ruin the entire customer experience and they would consider abandoning the cart. If there are too many sections to fill, then the customer might not proceed with the order. 

Moreover, if the navigation and UX/UI design are poor, then it would likely frustrate the customer. Online retailers which have an innovative and user-friendly website or mobile app are more likely to convert their sales. It would ultimately help them reduce their cart abandonment rate. 

What Is The Solution To This Problem? 

The first thing you should do is decrease the steps so customers can quickly get to the part where they can pay. Long processes can drive customers away even if they like your product. Also, it is best to collect only vital information that you need. So, remove all the unnecessary sections to streamline the checkout process. 


Reducing your cart abandonment rate is difficult but it is not impossible. With the right tools and technologies by your side, you can deal with the issues mentioned in this article easily. 

So, if you want to bring down your cart abandonment rate, then you should go for the Conversion Guard. It can block ad injections and ensure that you don't lose customers at the last moment. 

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