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Stop third party browser plugins from advertising directly on your site from paid traffic with our Atlas tool. Learn how we have increased conversion rates for over 300+ E-commerce businesses.

More than $1.6 Billion in advertisement budgets saved with companies like

The 3 solutions your business should be investing in

Browser Plugin Mitigation

Leverage customers browser sessions by monitoring their installed plugins that are used to search against your websites content for better prices and deals.
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Managed CRO

Conversion rate optimization is the process of increasing the percentage of conversions from a website or mobile app.
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Proper IT Placement

Dedicated IT recruiters for your business that responsibly place new hires. By leveraging our industry experience in Software, DevOps, and other technical stacks. Learn More

Get detailed reports about your conversion enhancements

Leverage smart analytics when utilizing our team for your conversion rate optimization and browser plugin mitigations.

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See where the company money goes in real-time with Atlas

Conversion Guard's Atlas empowers and safe guards your data from being leverage for advertisers that use Chrome, Microsoft, FireFox, IOS, Android and Apple browser plugins to offer better deals & price offers to your customers. They use your product offering details to exploit your offering and Pay-Per-Click to direct target your customers away from your platform.

These plugins have decreased the total conversion on most platforms by 60% during this past year. Due to the power of Honey by PayPal, and Amazon Assistant by Amazon, and many more. These applications make it easier for a consumer to navigate away from your offering ensuring that only they make the sale instead of your business.

Conversion Guard streamlines your ability to disable these third-party applications and increase your ROI on pay-per-click, organic and targeted traffic. Learn More

IT Recruiting with an approach for longevity

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Love Form Customers


“Our conversion rates have increased by 125% since they started guarding our product pages. I'd wholeheartedly recommend their services to any e-commerce platform”

John Donahoe,

“Choosing it was a no-brainer. It’s easy to set up and the support experience is unparalleled. Highly recommended ”

William C. Rhodes III,

“Our conversion rate increased by 50% after engaging with Conversion Guard. We will be using the Atlas tool in our other ventures.”

Ethan Brown,

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