Ecommerce Enterprise Stack-5 Tools To Increase Conversions

5 Technologies That Every Ecommerce Enterprise Stack Leverage to Increase Conversions

1. Leverage Conversion Guard to Remove Distractions 

Your online shopper might be in an office with some people around him. He has multiple tabs of different sites open on the browser – which tab is for your store? As many tabs are opened, these are enough to distract the shopper, and if your online shopper comes across further ads from browser injections, it will worsen it.

When we talk about distractions, it means competitor ads, popups, videos, and adult content injected into your store due to the browser extensions. It won't help your potential customer if you have already optimized your site; the display on the shopper's end would be much different.

Conversion Guard identifies ads injected by browsers on the consumer end, disables distractions, and engages online shoppers with your content. It also guards your product pages from major and minor distractions. 

After removing the distractions, you can now connect the online shopper with the product they are searching for quickly, which results in increasing conversions.

2. Use Klevu to Increase Site Conversions 

There is an E-consultancy which states that online shoppers are 1.8 times more likely to purchase if they get a successful search on an online store than those who gets difficulty in it. But it does not mean that every online shopper behaves the same when it comes to site searches. Every shopper has their way of looking for products. 

Klevu is a tool that helps online shoppers by connecting them to the right products. With its smart search, it actively learns search queries, products purchased, clicks on products, and shopper's data to optimize search results.

With Klevu, it doesn't matter what different shoppers look for in t-shirts or any other products–they will come across relevant products easily. 

Connecting online shoppers with the right products is good but not enough. A lot of shoppers will not purchase on their first visit to your store. This is the reason why optimization is needed for their experience.

3. Retarget with Optinmonster Exit-Intent Popups 

If an online visitor leaves your store, it is obvious that some distraction leads to a site exit. The distraction can be anything, maybe offline or anything on an open tab that serves as a distraction to their interest.

You can convert them before they leave by leveraging their intention of leaving the store. 

OptinMonster is a tool that helps track online visitors' on-site behavior. The best thing about this technology is that it can predict when the online shopper will leave your store. It enables you to target and re-engages them by sending a custom message.

On-site optimization is not the only thing to do. Improvement in the shopping experience is always needed. A seamless shopping experience includes a variety of things, such as the placement of CTA's buy now button on product pages. Similarly, the placement of promotional banners for your ongoing sales.

4. Use Nosto to Personalize On-Site Experience

Around 81 percent of your shoppers expect that brands use their data to personalize their shopping journey. You may have thousands of visitors every day, and understanding their purchase preferences to product recommendations, how do you manage these visitors coming to your site every day?

This is where Nosto can help you out in making smart personalization. With the AI-powered solution for personalization, it monitors the shopper's interaction with your store. It works in real-time in order to personalize 1:1 content and automate recommendations such as targeted popups, recently viewed products, and content suggestions.

Personalization is helpful in the improvement of a shopper's online journey to your store. Obviously, some distractions might take them away, so it is better to re-engage, leaving visitors with a good shot.

5. Optimizely for A/B Testing 

With time, it is always better to change the look of your online store. Optimizing product pages make them interactive with images and videos. Including or excluding the checkout process steps is also a key thing you can do.

But these changes are not easy to do as it requires careful measures to look for. 

Managed CRO is a tool that helps eCommerce individuals or marketers to test these changes on online stores. It also helps track online shoppers' conversion path, and you can see the pages they have visited, clicked on elements, number of site visits, and many other things before making a purchase.

All these data help you to optimize the online store to increase conversions. 


These technologies and tools can work for you in the best way if done rightly. If your eCommerce enterprise stack is missing the mark, then you need to reconsider your online store setup. Blend the tools mentioned earlier to enhance the shopping experience of your store in order to increase conversions.

So, manage conversion rate optimization with the right tools like Conversion Guard to increase conversions for your online store and get goal-oriented results. 

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