How to Resolve "Misrepresentation Policy" with Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center's Misrepresentation Policy is designed to protect users from misleading or inaccurate information about products and services. If your Merchant Center account is suspended for violating this policy, you'll need to take steps to resolve the issue before you can start advertising again.

Here are the steps on how to resolve a "Misrepresentation Policy" violation:

  1. Identify the violation. The first step is to identify the specific policy that you violated. Google will provide you with a notification email that explains the violation and provides a link to the relevant policy.
  2. Correct the violation. Once you've identified the violation, you need to correct it. This may involve updating your product data, removing products from your feed, or making changes to your website.
  3. Request a review. Once you've corrected the violation, you can request a review of your account. To do this, you'll need to go to the Account Status page in Merchant Center and click the Request a Review button.
  4. Wait for the review. Google will review your account and make a decision about whether to reinstate it. The review process typically takes a few days.

If your account is reinstated, you'll be able to start advertising again. However, if your account is not reinstated, you'll need to contact Google Merchant Center support for more information.

How Conversion Guard Can Help

Conversion Guard is a company that specializes in helping businesses resolve Google Merchant Center account suspensions. We have a team of experts who are familiar with the Misrepresentation Policy and can help you identify and correct the violation. We also have tools that can help us pinpoint the exact issue, so we can resolve it quickly and efficiently.

If you've received a notification from Google Merchant Center that your account has been suspended for violating the Misrepresentation Policy, don't hesitate to contact Conversion Guard. We can help you get your account back up and running so you can start advertising again.

Here are some of the tools that Conversion Guard uses to help resolve "Misrepresentation Policy" violations:

  • Product feed analysis: We can analyze your product feed to identify any potential violations. This includes checking for inaccurate or misleading information, as well as missing or incomplete data.
  • Website inspection: We can inspect your website to make sure it complies with the Misrepresentation Policy. This includes checking for product descriptions that are inaccurate or misleading, as well as links to unauthorized third-party websites.
  • Reporting: We provide detailed reports that track your progress and show you how your account is performing. This helps you to identify any potential issues and take steps to resolve them before they lead to a suspension.

If you're looking for help resolving a "Misrepresentation Policy" violation, sign up today. We'll work with you to identify the issue and take steps to resolve it as quickly as possible.

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