How E-Commerce Adware Affects Fashion Store Sales

What is E-Commerce Adware?

E-commerce adware is essentially any unwanted software developed for injecting ads on a screen. The adware is usually disguised as an authentic promotion and tricks consumers into installing them. Here are some of the most common e-commerce adware that enter store sites:

  • Video advertisements
  • Price comparisons
  • Spam pop-ups
  • Competitor ads
  • Adult content

In most cases, e-commerce adware isn’t really there to steal data. Instead, their main aim is to distract and lure customers away from your e-commerce store. Of course, issues like these result in low conversion rates. Content security policies are not designed to tackle the various adware that enter your site. Sure, it may keep a few intrusions away, but your site will still get adware and send it over to the consumer’s browser. 

How Can Adware Impact Your Stores Sales

They Increase Cart Abandonment

Whenever the online journey of a shopper is interrupted, there is a good chance that they will abandon your site completely. Research suggests that e-commerce stores lose about twenty percent of their sales because of shoppers abandoning their carts. Unauthorized advertisements entered by e-commerce adware are among the main reason why hundreds, if not thousands of people abandon their carts. 

The Price Comparisons May Distract Your Shoppers

In most cases, online shoppers tend to be quite price sensitive. So, no matter what you sell and how unique it is, customers will evaluate their choices according to their budget. Customers often search multiple websites to get the best prices even if the quality is a little low. However, things can get quite challenging for e-commerce merchants when their customers can see price comparisons on their own online store. 

Your Site May Display Your Competitor’s Ads

Competitor ads are arguably the most common type of e-commerce adware. With the e-commerce landscape more competitive than ever these days, this type of unauthorized advertising often causes brands to lose out on sales. 

Product Pages Take Longer to Load

Videos and other types of unauthorized ads can increase the loading time of your site’s product pages. When high resolution images and videos take over your pages, there can be delays which may cause shoppers to abandon their carts. 

Your Brand’s Reputation Takes a Hit

Shoppers have certain expectations from brands, especially if they have been buying from them for a long time. If they notice any distractions, interruptions and other issues in their online journey, they will start doubting the brand’s reputation. If your e-commerce store offers anything less than a seamless and smooth experience, your business will take a hit and cause your customers to look for other options (possibly your competitor.)

E-commerce adware can show pop-ups and unwanted content on the consumer’s browser, causing them to leave your online store, hurting your reputation and profitability in the process. 

Is It Possible to Fight Ecommerce Adware?

If you are an e-commerce merchant, you may be wondering whether it is possible to protect your store from e-commerce adware. Well, the short answer is yes. Believe it or not, e-commerce stores in the United States alone lose over 25 billion Dollars worth of business because of adware. This damage is too big to be ignored, which is why companies should go above and beyond to steer clear from consumer browser e-commerce adware. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of adware removal programs like Atlas by Conversion Guard.  This program uses machine learning for analyzing and eliminating adware before they even appear on the consumer’s device and browser. Eliminating these distractions can help e-commerce fashion stores increase their conversions significantly by a massive 16%. If you are an e-commerce merchant who has been losing customers and sales for various reasons, it would be best to see if your shoppers are being taken away by adware. 

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