Increasing your add to cart rate in less than 5 minutes

Increase your Add To Cart Rate with Conversion Guard's Atlas Integration.

We will discuss the steps to get your add to cart rate up by more than 50% in less than 5 minutes. A couple items that you'll need to get started are the following:

  1. Access to your e-commerce store or website code base.
  2. Access to your DNS settings or the ability to edit them.
  3. Identify your product URLs.

Begin by logging into into your conversion guard account if you do not have one then you can register for an account by visiting this link, don't worry it's free. Register for a conversion guard account.

Identifying The Product Path

In this example we're going to use Wal-Mart e-commerce website and use the Vizio 50" Tv the URL path to this product is


Let's break this URL down so we can incorporate it in our App Manager,

  • ip is the path or AKA route for products
  • VIZIO-50-Class-V-Series-4K-UHD-LED-Smart-TV-Newest-Model-V505-J09 is the slug path
  • 378837297 is the product id

We just need the route path to increase our add to cart rates, which is ip in this case. Now, that we have our path we can go ahead and filter based off of the path name in our App Manger dashboard you will specify ip then a bunch of unnamed apps will return. (Please be sure to have installed conversion guard atlas script on your website if you haven't done so already).

How to increase your customers add to carts

Now, that you have re-named the app to your specified name, you will need to create a "New Guard" in the element explorer you will search for the app that you just created. Then click the choose button.

Now the next step is important, we are only worry about one product in this scenario but there are options to set the guard globally or by path only. We are going to specify the "Exact Path" option. Then we are going to choose remove any third party deal popups from browsers as our action. Then click deploy.

Now, that you've deployed a guard depending on your site traffic you may start seeing results immediately or within the next 24-48 hours.

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